Online roulette in the casino

Interesting news from the life of online casino-roulette for rubles is still one of the most popular and profitable entertainment even for the gamblers of the new generation! In this case, our marketing service specialists were clearly convinced based on the study of the attendance of various machines and the total amount of winnings on them. However, on closer examination, this sensation seems quite understandable. Online casino roulette for americans.

Online roulette: why it is profitable

According to a thorough analysis of our users ' feedback, the following basic components of the ever-increasing success of electronic roulette are established:

  • Full immersion in the atmosphere of the "real" house of the great excitement-classic casino, without separation from home or workplace;
  • Many varieties of favorite game-from the recognized classics to exotic options;
  • The simplicity of rules and democratic level of bets;
  • Reliability of gaming functionality and complete security of financial transactions;
  • Absolute transparency of the game process, accrual of winnings and bonuses;
  • The opportunity to play both for real money and completely free;
  • The efficiency of the conducted rounds and reception of the honestly earned money.

It is necessary to add an important detail in our online casino you can play roulette using the Russian currency! Note that all modern virtual platforms do not provide such opportunities in the Russian segment of the World Wide Web.

European online roulette. Meanwhile, this option significantly increases the value of any online casino-roulette for rubles is convenient and advantageous for users, for whom it is the Russian currency is the main source of income. Why is it so profitable? The answer is obvious because this option allows:

  1. Save time and money, which is additionally spent on currency exchange.
  2. Avoid any misunderstandings and financial losses due to unfavorable exchange rate dynamics.
  3. Quickly enter funds into the game account, make winning bets and withdraw wins.
  4. Make more bets on the same amount (in the equivalent of so-called "hard" currencies), which increases the chances of success.
  5. Use bonus programs on preferential terms.

Thus, the Russian ruble becomes a secret weapon for guaranteed victory in a duel with Mistress Luck and promises to the fans also a lot of additional advantages. How to use them?

How to beat online roulette

For this, you only need to predict in advance which of the cells will fall the magic ball launched by the dealer. However, guessing one of the 36 numbers is not so easy, so apply a variety of betting combinations, the purpose of which is to increase the likelihood of your Victories, minimizing risks and expenses to a reasonable minimum.

In the game on the Russian currency this task is considerably simplified at the expense of comparatively small cost (not to be confused with value!) of the Russian currency in comparison with the recognized "kings" of game platforms-US dollars and euro. In other words, when betting With your own money, you spend less for equal chances to try your luck, rather than putting on a con exclusively "hard" currency.

If, in addition to all, you do not get a salary (or other permanent income) in dollars, euros, British pounds, etc., then to use these currencies in the casino, you will have to buy them in advance, and with a substantial overpayment. As a result, the unit cost of your chance to win is further increased even before you try to realize it!

So, playing online casino roulette for rubles, you pay less for the equal probability of winning and, therefore, in advance, strengthen their positions. Full success can come immediately or through several revolutions of the magic wheel-in any case, you will pay for Less than the calculations in the so-called "hard" currency.

Roulette for rubles: How much you can win

For the guaranteed victory, you should carefully study the history of winnings on your chosen table and then bet. Here are the main variants of possible game combinations, their names, and the level of possible winnings:

  • Straight Up-to a single cell number. The winning is the greatest of possible or 35 to 1.
  • Split or bet at once on two numbers-17 to 1.
  • Corner-Four arbitrary cells. The price of success-8 to 1.
  • sixline or two transverse rows-5 to 1.
  • One Dozen-one dozen or 12 numbers. In case of victory we get 2 to 1.
  • one column or "one column"-a whole vertical row of cells. The reward for success-also 2 to 1.
  • Even chance or "equal chances". It can be only "black" or only "red", even or odd numbers, the first (1-18) or the second (19-36) half of a drum, etc. The prize sum is calculated in the ratio of 1 to 1.

Now translate the above numerical ratios into real money. For example, if you achieve success on a Straight Up with an initial rate of 100 rubles, your winning will be already as much as 3600 rubles (3500 rub. Prize + 100 rub. Initial bet). In the case of Configuration Split at the same rate, the victory will bring you 1800 rubles (1700 + 100), with the option Corner-900 rubles (800 + 100) and so on.

Note that in our online casino roulette is not limited to 100 rubles-ruble rates, and therefore, and the final prize money can become much bigger. How to judge yourself, based on some examples of large winnings in the native currency, which are already occurred in the recent past:

  • February 2015 European, One Column variant - 45 000 rubles.
  • April 2016g. Classic, Split-180 000 rub.
  • November 2016g. American, Straight Up - 72 000 rub.
  • June 2017g. French, Split-86 000 rub.
  • December 2017. European, V. I. P option, rate Straight Up - 360 000 rub.

Why would the owner of the next "long ruble", honestly won in roulette, not become exactly you? Make your winning bet-everything else guarantees the wheel of luck!